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Broker Owner / Realtor® / CNE / PSA

About Paul McMahon

YOUR BEST INTEREST IS MY ONLY INTEREST •I believe every person deserves the right to have an honest, reliable and professional broker to represent them when they buy, sell, build or finance real estate to help simplify the process • That professional must love what they do. • I believe that a professional needs to be equipped with the ability to negotiate in complex situations and come out with a win. • I believe that every client should feel confident that they will have their dreams come true. Why do I believe this? Before I got into real estate I had experienced the frustration and fear of not really knowing all that was really going on. I did a lot of guessing and it was painful. I have had many clients come to me frustrated as they experienced it as well. Frustration and confusion is not a necessary part of a real estate transaction. Because of that belief, I make sure I take the time to listen to my client, to all the details and, take copious notes to ensure a complete understanding of my client’s needs. With that information, I can then explain the entire process that is about to unfold and make sure you are in complete understanding. Here is how we do it differently. • I take the complex and make it simple. • I take your biggest concerns from a Major (1) and make them a Minor (10). • I love helping people, not just in helping them to understand contracts but to walk them through the entire process. • I love working on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I create provocative ads that drive results with either getting people to view and get engaged with Open Houses or tell me the needs they have regarding the selling of their property. I use hundreds of digital media outlets to get exposure on the internet as well. I have several networking groups that give me “Global” exposure as well. • If you are looking at a specific neighborhood and there are no listings, I’ll get the names and addresses of every homeowner in the neighborhood and personally reach out to see if they may be willing to sell. • I have a vast knowledge of the market and the tools necessary to navigate all media outlets which include Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Traditional Advertising venues.

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